Work package 4 – Cascading Processes

The CCAMM cluster Cascading Processes develops knowledge and models that can be used to anticipate future cascading events. Using the interesting and very unstable case at "Spitze Stei", Kandersteg BE, interdisciplinary and complementary teams will study:

  • the destabilisation mechanisms of the rock slope considering the role of changing permafrost,
  • the dynamics of debris flows, rock and snow avalanches considering the effect of the entrainment of debris, sediments and snow along the track and how this will change with time, and
  • the triggering of tsunamis and outburst floods when rock, snow or mixed avalanches reach the lake.

A particular focus is on a high-resolution characterization of the meteorological-climatological forcing, which deploys for the first time a combination of methodologies, which allows to characterize both, short-term extreme weather and long-term climatological changes.